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Fly Fishing Gear in Maryland Curbside and Online

Great news for our customers who by now likely need some social distancing time afield-especially if you need the right gear including leader, tippet and flies-although we won’t talk you out of a new fly rod and reel, waders or boots to help you trick native, wild and stocked trout in the Gunpowder River.

While we are still considered a non-essential business and closed to walk-in traffic. Our doors and bathroom are not open to the public so please plan accordingly. Based on the Governor’s order Number COVID19-06 issued March 24, 2020 we will continue to sell products on a delivery or “curbside” pick-up basis only. For the above reasons we have taken the following precautions to protect our staff and our customers:

We are not selling fishing licenses at present.
We have instead been directed people to use the compass portal.

We are not taking manual payments via cash or credit card at curbside.
We have instead instituted website and phone ordering 410-357-9557 during regular business hours.

We do not have flies on the website for sale individually and so have grouped fly selections based on river location and category. i.e. Dries, Nymphs, and Streamers Euro Nymphs.

We suggest that you call the shop at 410-357-9557 to place orders. We will ship any order free freight USPS priority mail during this time. Please email the shop or check the stream report if you need additional guidance.

As an incentive, we will be waiving regular shipping costs for all online orders.
For curbside orders over $25, customers can choose between a pack of Patagonia Provisions Mellow Curry Savory Seeds or Classic Barbecue Savory Seeds
a Patagonia Provisions Inca Berry and Almond Bar, Mango and Almond Bar or an Apricot and Almond Bar.

Patagonia Provisions in Maryland

We are very proud to represent Patagonia Provisions in Maryland and are offering free USPS priority mail shipping on orders over $49.Please give these Patagonia nutritious, shelf stable foodstuff catalog offerings a look. In keeping with Patagonia’s philosophy all are responsibly sourced. Backwater Angler currently offers Patagonia Provisions Organic savory seeds for snacking, sustainable wild pink and sockeye salmon, Buffalo jerky, organic chilis and responsibly sourced smoked mussels and mackerel as well as the veritable almond and energy bars. Please call us at 410-357-9557 or drop us a line at to inquire about bulk orders.On a laptop or desktop and don’t want to scroll? See an abbreviated listing of all in Patagonia Provisions in the food category. On a tablet or phone? See listings as links below:

Patagonia Provisions Spicy Buffalo Jerky

Patagonia Provisions Original Buffalo Jerky

Patagonia Provisions Black Pepper Wild Pink Salmon

Patagonia Provisions Lemon Pepper Wild Sockeye Salmon

Patagonia Provisions Original Wild Sockeye Salmon

Patagonia Provisions Smoked Mussels

Patagonia Provisions Lemon Caper Mackerel

Patagonia Provisions Organic Spicy Red Bean Chili

Patagonia Provisions Original Red Bean Chili

Patagonia Provisions Organic Black Bean Soup

Patagonia Provisions Organic Mango & Almond Bar

Patagonia Provisions Organic Apricot & Almond Energy Bar

Patagonia Provisions Organic Inca Berry & Almond Bar

Patagonia Provisions Classic BBQ Organic Savory Seeds

Patagonia Provisions Mellow Curry Organic Savory Seeds

Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) Update

Backwater Angler is very concerned about the impact of Covid-19 on our employees and customers. For updates on cases specific to Maryland and to find supporting documentation on prevention please visit the Maryland Department of Health. At this time we will plan to maintain usual operating hours. We are requiring any employees exhibiting symptoms to seek medical care and stay at home for a period of two weeks while providing them with sick pay to get them through this challenging time. We are following federal, state and local guidelines on small business operations. We are regularly cleaning and disinfecting touch-points and surfaces store-wide. We are also limiting the number of people in the store to six at any time and have currently closed our bathroom to the public.

Rather than renewing your fishing license in-store, please consider renewing your fishing license on-line here:

Please note: In order to protect public health and safety and to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Governor Hogan has issued an executive order related to licenses, permits, registrations, and other authorizations that may be expiring or up for renewal during the state of emergency. The executive order immediately grants a grace period of 30 days after the date of termination of the state of emergency.

At present the Hereford Area of Gunpowder State Park remains open, however:

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources and Maryland State Parks are enacting enhanced measures to mitigate the risk of contact with the COVID-19 virus. This includes enhanced cleaning protocols at our state park public facilities, restrooms, ranger stations, nature centers, and other public buildings. Additionally, in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order, all events and gatherings of groups larger than 50 people and restricting access by the public to certain State Parks buildings and facilities are cancelled. Stay updated on closures here:

Following Governor Larry Hogan’s emergency actions to protect public health during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fishing and Boating Services is temporarily stopping spring trout stocking effective immediately until further notice. More information here:

Please visit our website and stream report for current conditions on the Gunpowder River. We also encourage you to reach out over telephone or email if you would prefer not to travel up to the shop to “talk fishing”.

If you should need any gear and would prefer that we mail it to you please consider shopping online with us at or if you can’t find what you need there please give us a call at 410-357-9557. –Especially if you need tippet, leader and flies ect…

Stay well. Thank you for your patronage. The shop would not exist as a small retail specialty shop without your loyalty, kindness and friendship. We wish nothing more but for you and your families to stay healthy and happy.

Used Fly Fishing Gear in Maryland

We have a new selection of used fly fishing gear in Maryland. Don’t postpone joy! Stop in over the weekend to see them for yourself. They won’t be here long! Here is a quick listing of rods from T&T, Scott, G. Loomis, Echo and reels from Ari T Hart, Ross, Bauer, Islander and Orvis.

Fly rods:
G. Loomis Whisper Creek GLX 8ft 8 inch 3wt 4pc $300
T&T Vector 9ft 4wt 3pc $400
T&T Vector 9ft 5wt 3pc $400
Scott G series 9ft 4wt 4pc $600
G. Loomis NRX 9ft 4wt 4 pc $350
Sage Z Axis 11ft 7wt 4pc $450
Scott STS 9ft 8weight 3 pc $375
Sage XP 9ft 8weight 4 pc $395
Echo E3 7ft 3wt 4pc $150

Fly Reels:
Ross G1 $175
Ross G2 $175
Ari T Hart F2 with extra spool $595
Orvis Battenkill III with two spools $350
Bauer MXP 1 $375
Islander 4.0 LX $450

Mid-Feb Gunpowder River Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 78.4 Cfs and is 42.5 degrees F. Temperatures are swinging nicely up now from 39 degrees F in the morning so it’s fine to wait until mid afternoon to get out there. Rumblings of stoneflies are always heard this time of year but a safer bet would be to give the black flies a look up top in the catch and release section. Stop in and pick up some of Mike Bachkosky’s little Lehigh snowflies to imitate these and bring along some 7x. Bright, mild days can make streamer fishing tough so don’t feel compelled to wade all day-use the trails instead and cover the log jams quickly by drifting rather than stripping streamers. Fishing above Masemore? Small zebra midges and tungsten jigs can be effective as long as they are visually inspected every few casts. Otherwise, Didymo can accumulate on these heavy small nymphs within the first few drifts fouling them and spoiling one’s chances of hooking up.

We’ve had an equal number of folks traveling to Chile and the Bahamas this week and so have taken in a few notable used fly rods including a few bamboo Fly rods.These rods need new homes-call or stop in for details. Like new and shiny? We’ve been checking in some NRX+ rods in 9 foot 5 weight and 9 foot 10 weight from G. Loomis, all new leader and tippet from Scientific Anglers, and Tacky fly boxes from Fishpond. Stop in and give our Winter clothing sale a look-It’s all 35% off until they are gone…

Patagonia In Maryland

Hey Bark at the Moon! Apparently only Ozzy could get us through a Friday full of boxes from Patagonia. The result is we have surplus of lightweight, high tech, long lasting warm gear just in time for the low 20’s. We would not think of hitting the river this time of year without a pair of R1 Fishing Gloves, a River Salt Jacket over a Micro-Puff Hoody or Micro-Puff Jacket and an R1 pant or Shelled Insulator Pant under waders.

Patagonia R1 Fishing Gloves

Patagonia M’s River Salt Jacket

Patagonia M’s Micro Puff Hoody Classic Navy

M’s Patagonia Micro Puff Jacket – Carbon

Patagonia R1 Pants

Patagonia M’s Shelled Insulator Pants

Snow Flurries and Warm Gear from Filson in Maryland

With snow flurries greeting and an idling UPS truck full of cold weather gear Filson we rang in Friday with plenty of cheer. With Saturdays low forecast to be around around 22 F we think that the Vintage Flannel Shirts, Light Weight Alaska Guide Shirts, Ultralight Vests, Ultralight Jackets, Ridgeway Fleece and Ridgeway Jackets have arrived just in time.

Filson Vintage Flannel Work Shirt

Filson Lightweight Alaskan Guide Shirt

Filson Ultralight Vest

Filson Ultralight Jacket

Filson Ridgeway Fleece Vest

Filson Ridgeway Fleece Jacket

Gunpowder River High and Clear

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 321 CFs and is 60 degrees F. The upper river is clearing and dropping nicely. Streamer sink- tip techniques should move quite a few fish in these flows. A better bet if you’d like to hook and land a few would be to seek out the flat water and spend some time fishing Olives and midge emergers in the #18-22 range. It’s not to late to fish a large hopper-and dropper rig leaping frogging the boulder pools and covering more water. We’ve found a lot of new folks fishing right on top of each other in the past few weeks so be sure give everyone a stretch of water to themselves. Fly fishing, after all is not widely known as a group sport. A good rule of thumb is to yield to anglers fishing upstream. That is–a dry fly presentation won’t spoke fish nearly as bad swinging a streamer through a pool. If you can throw a rock and hit another angler it’s likely that you are too close ask as a courtesy which direction they are fishing and leapfrog around and continue fishing. Sadly, the lower river below Bluemount and the confluence of Little Falls is still too high to safely fish at 518 Cfs. The above photo from Gene Howson shot Monday shows leaves in full color along the river corridor, clear water and a hopeful drift.

G. Loomis Rep Day

We’re looking forward to hosting Don Coffey representative Stephen Spurgeon on this Saturday November 2, 2019. Stop in from 11AM till 2PM to cast the new NRX+ and NRX+LP. These rods replace the 10 year old run of the popular and versatile NRX series and feature new graphite, new resin and a proprietary multi-taper design process.

Steve will have the following rods for your review and consideration.

NRX+ in 9ft 4,5,6,8,and 10 weights
NRX+ in 10ft 4 weight and 10 foot 7 weight
NRX+LP 4 and 5 weight
NRX + Spey Switch

Don’t postpone joy! Stop in and cast them this Saturday…