March Fishing Report on the Gunpowder

The river at Falls road is flowing at a steady 214 cfs. The water temperature is now climbing above 40 degrees F at Falls road.
Prettyboy reservoir has been spilling over since last summer and with the ground completely swollen any rainfall occurring above the dam causes the Gunpowder to rise. Before planning a trip look at the USGS gauge at Falls Road. If it’s above 250cfs, it’s tough to wade. With this continuous high water many anglers have been throwing streamers but with the water still being cold and insects starting to stir, if you fish small nymphs and midges in the back eddies and softer water around some structure, you’re more likely to catch more fish. A nice benefit from the high flows is that didymo hasn’t managed to take hold as much, especially when compared to last year. For those wanting to fish dries, you can find fish rising to blue winged olives size 18 and midges size 20 in slow runs in the afternoon through the catch and release section especially on warmer days. Particularly from Bunker Hill downstream little black stoneflies size 16 have began hatching, this should provide some great dry fly fishing in the coming weeks from now. We have some excellently tied stoneflies for skating in the riffles and snowshoe midges from Mike Bachkosky that will be just the ticket this early spring.
Note: The lower river in the Put and Take section on the Gunpowder & Little Falls are closed to any fishing whilst the state stocks them with rainbow trout. Fishing reopens in these areas on Sunday, March the 31st.