Fly Fishing in February on the Gunpowder River

Tom Starrs with a nice Wild Brown
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 38 Cfs and is 41 degrees F. Weather this weekend should be on the warm side which may result in a nice bump in water temps. Stoneflies, BWO’s and cream midges will be part of the mix. As the latest stream report will attest-fish those streamers people! Didymo is still about above Falls Rd so try a little lower if you’re dead set on nymphing. Thanks to Tom Starrs for the great stream report and photo.

It’s been a while. I was just in the shop last Sunday, it was my first time at the new location. The shop looks nice as always. I spoke to Gene (the young man from the UK). We were speaking about the cold and clear water that we have been seeing so far this year in the tributaries (Little Falls, Beetree and such). It makes for tough fishing, the trout are little lethargic and they get a good look at everything you throw. I told him it would be good if we got a little rain. We talked about working woolly buggers on some of our exceptional area wild trout streams this time of the year, fishing the deeper holes and undercut banks where the trout will be holding. I picked up a few woolly buggers, some tippet and a new Backwater Angler hat.-Well we got some rain today. So I hit one of other streams in the Gunpowder watershed. The conditions were nearly perfect to give my new hat a workout!

Tom Starrs