February Gunpowder Stream Report


The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 38 CFs and is 38 Degrees F. Thanks to Gene for the Gunpowder stream report!

Fishing has been very productive on the warmer days. You’ll see stoneflies skittering across the surface size 16 early afternoon. I’ve found the trout tend to ignore the adult but will be looking for the nymph in the riffles. American pheasant tails and prince nymphs imitate these well at the heads of pools. Midges (20 – 22) often hatch alongside them and you can find fish rising to these in the slacker water in the tails of pools. With the weather warming up this weekend rising water temperatures once again will provide good fishing opportunities between Falls to Big Falls road. Upstream from Falls to the dam is better fished with a streamer or small dry midge pattern.