Labor Day Weekend Fly Fishing with Tricos over Low, Clear Water on the Gunpowder River

Flies, Muffin Tins and MapsThe Gunpowder River is flowing at 32 CFs, is 52 degrees F and is clear at Masemore Rd. Tricos are still making an appearance during the morning hours and hoppers, ants and beetles have been working fine in the afternoon. For a better chance of catching fish without spooking them skate a caddis in the meadow stretches at Masemore and Bunkerhill and try the bend pools below York through Big Falls and Bluemount. Stop in and choose from a baker’s dozen (buy twelve get one free) or take advantage of our Trico special (buy 12 and get a spool of 8x free) on flies this weekend. Little Falls has been acting flashy with bigger flows and muddy water after recent rainfall events-with rain in the forecast stick to the catch and release section unless you’re looking for larger fish moving upstream from the two fish a day and five fish a day sections. Fly Fishing the lower River calls for covering more ground and slightly heavier gear. Be careful wading and don’t leave home without a sink-tip, streamer that will result in larger but fewer fish to hand.
Labor Day Weekend hours:
Saturday 8 till 4
Sunday 10 till 4
Monday 10 till 2