Clear and at a Great Flow after Over Three Inches of Rain

Brian on the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder River is clear and low upstream of Little Fall and flowing at 156 Cfs at 58 degrees F. After over three inches of rain fell in the area yesterday, the river is knee deep at Masemore. Caddis and Sulphurs have been present midday through late afternoon. Spinner falls have been quite late in the day, so be sure to have a flashlight or headlamp along if you’re planning on waiting them out. Avoid York Rd access point after 4 PM today as the Hereford Fourth of July Parade festivities will be ramping up through this evening. Patterns that are most effective this time of year are in the #16-18 range-we have plenty of snowshoe rabbit Sulphur patterns in the muffin tins. Long leaders in the 10-12ft length ending in the 6 and 7x are essential to tricking fish. Thanks to Stephen Knott for the great picture of Brian and his quarry. Incidentally, for those that might be lucky enough to call the Gunpowder their home waters, consider that Brian makes several trips a year from Rochester, NY to visit family. When he stops in the shop he is always beaming before heading out to fly fish the Gunpowder for wild brown trout and with good reason. Family and fishing go hand in hand!

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