Tiger Trout in the Gunpowder River

Tiger Trout on the Gunpowder River
The Gunpowder River is up from 75 CFs and is flowing at 117 Cfs. The water is clear, a little green and is 46.5 degrees F. The wind might make it difficult to fish the tiny BWO’s reported earlier this week during the gloomy wet days. Give the games a break, put some gloves and hit the River. Stay warm by nymphing with bead head stoneflies in the #10-14 range with soft hackles like red butts trailing in a #14. With the River up, streamers on sink-tips are still a good bet-especially around the log jams and chute runs in the boulder pools. Try midge cluster patterns in the flat stretches-especially along shelves that turn into riffles. Thanks to Stefan for the stream report and photo of a tiger trout from the Gunpowder River.

Got him in a little riffle. Amazing colors. Had no idea there were Tigers in the Gunpowder.