Halloween Stream Report

Gunpowder Trout
The Gunpowder is flowing at 35 CFs, is clear and 54 F. The River still has plenty of fall color. Two anglers wearing capes took advantage of a half day of middle school and stopped in this afternoon before heading out to fish at Bunkerhill. Tricos in the morning followed by Blue Winged Olives and Caddis are all part of the mix now. Tired of hooking leaves? It might be easier, and more productive to fish dries-especially small ones. The muffin tins are full of Mike Bachkosky’s snowshoe rabbit midges and phunny emergers in the #18-22 range. Dreading the small stuff? If you have some hoppers left over in a terrestrial box drop any of these small patterns behind them on about a foot and a half of 7x. Daylight savings time is this weekend-a signal that both early voting and evening fishing is over. Sleep in and take advantage of mid-morning temperature swings. The trick to connecting with wild fish is to treat yourself to some time on the water this weekend.

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