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Out of Tippet
The light is fading and fish are rising in front of you in a shallow flat and they’ve just switched to emerges. You’ve just spotted a big fish hanging in a root ball and it’s time to change to that articulated streamer from you-know-where. The above photo is evidence that, after Sulphur season, my own kit needed a quick makeover. If yours looks like this in the middle of a spinner fall you won’t soon forget it. As they say, it’s a long walk back to the truck. Rest assured we have tippet and some mighty helpful folks who fish the river a few times a week working at Backwater Angler. And like me, they’re happy to-with apologies to Aaron Neville -“Tell it like it is.” If you have not bought tippet since 1967, (when that one hit the charts), this is a friendly reminder that we do sell all manner of things that will, in fact, get you into more wild fish on the Gunpowder.This is the first post of the revised site that has a few more local stream gauge links in the sidebar and larger pictures and text for those tired old eyes at the office.As always we welcome both your feedback and your stream reports and pictures. A quick look at the archives tells me that we could not have gotten this far without website contributions from our staff and loyal customers. FYI: The shop online portion will be down for a bit but we’ll get to it as soon as the fishing allows. Until then, we welcome one and all to drop in to see the new shop, visit with old friends, tell a fish story or two and get ready for some hot trico and terrestrial fishing. The rocking chairs on the front porch are waiting and the snowball stand in front of the shop is sure to be welcome relief through August.