Hendrickson’s and High Water on the Gunpowder

Scott G2 Dry Fly Fishing with a Hendrickson and Red Quill Pattern
The Gunpowder river is flowing at 266 CFs and is 56 F. Try Falls Rd through Bunkerhill this weekend as the water drops. Until then, don’t feel compelled to wade deeper than shin or knee deep and consider bringing along a wading staff. Josh just called in from Falls Rd this morning to report Hendricksons on the water and in the air. My guess is that if he was not going to prom this evening he would probably still be fly fishing the Gunpowder! With the water up, try Mike’s Unusuals and Phunny Emergers sized #14. Light bright Zonkers in olive and black will also do the trick especially around undercuts and woody debris. Stop in for a 5ft or 10 ft sinking leaders to fish the streamers effectively. These leaders will also be perfect additions to your kit for the Shad run. The Dogwoods are blooming! It will take a few days for Deer Creek to settle down but don’t miss fly fishing for Shad this Spring as water temps are on the move up. The Susquehanna flats have been slow this week with water temperatures just approaching 60 degrees F. Eric Snyder just dropped off some chartreuse and white, pink and white and red and yellow shad flies with coneheads that are sure to produce.

Please note: Little Falls and the Gunpowder River downstream of the gas line including Upper and Lower Glencoe, Sparks Rd through Phoenix Rd will be receiving another stocking of rainbows next week and will be closed to fishing till April 27.