Caddis above Falls Rd and a few Stoneflies and Midges hanging on…

Thanks to Gary and Seth for the Stream Reports!

Hey Theaux
Short note to let you know I was able to take off Monday, 4/8, and got out on the river from 11-4. I fished the upper section and the fishing was unbelievable. Aside from losing count on the the number of fish caught, I was fortunate enough to fight six fish in the 14-16 inch range all fat and feisty….only landed four and I ended the day with a line break from one of the larger fish I’ve fought on the gunpowder over the twenty two years I’ve been fishing this river. It was a big male and he jumped multiple times,I had him close enough to make a few scoop attempts but he was not having any of it. I noticed some stone flies, a few cadis but did not see anything else coming off the river and the fish were eating emergers and the occasional stone and caddis. I caught nearly all the fish on a caddis emerger and was fishing it both wet and dry…what a kick! I really don’t remember a time when so many large fish were actively feeding…simply incredible.


-Headed out yesterday for a short afternoon jaunt. Still seeing stoneflies and small cream midges. Landed this nice brown on a dry pretty quickly into it. Beautiful day, and with the warmer weather this week, I’m hoping we’ll see some hatches soon! Thanks again for the advice and support.

– Seth Hodes