G. Loomis NRX and Bauer CFX-1 Gear Review and Stream Report

GLoomis NRX LP Fly Rods
Thanks to Gary for the Fishing report and gear review!

Hey Theaux,

Well as you know it took me about 4 months to get over leaving my beautiful 3/4 wt Scott in the Masemore parking lot and I still miss it very much! So if anyone reading this found the rod…please deliver it the Backwater Shop. But….life goes on and the new Loomis NRX 883-4 3wt accompanied by the Bauer CFX1 reel you sold me this past weekend kept me in the river for nearly 5 hours!. What a beautiful looking and high performing set up! It shoots the line through effortlessly and with hardly a sound and is both powerful for long casts and subtle for fishing the nearby seams. I was lucky enough to catch 7 nice browns all round the 8-9 inch range and lost as many. I suspect one was large as it stopped the emerger in mid swing and snapped my tippet below the knot to the leader. Fighting fish on the new rod was a treat and I am really glad I bought the appropriate reel because it created a perfectly balanced mechanism. It makes me want to start playing ‘hooky’ again.

See you soon,


P.S. Sunday I took it outside and set it up just to look at it!