To Mow at Home or Fly Fish along the Gunpowder River?

Prettyboy Dam Spilling Over
The Gunpowder is gin clear and flowing at 101 CFs and has dropped to 52 F this week. Reports this week have featured lots of rising fish that have been easy to see and difficult to catch. Black flies in the #22-24 range have been best imitated by the poly wing pattern called a snow fly from the Little Lehigh. Mike Bachkosky just delivered 65 dozen or so Hendrickson emergers, dries–including some beautiful Catskill style wood duck flank winged patterns–and bright spot parachute spinners that now occupy the muffin tins. With the passing of the Spring Equinox just behind us, winter wind whipping through bare branches has been replaced by peepers singing in earnest. Rest assured that the whir of a weedeater and the din of a mower will soon drown out their chorus. For most, it’s time to knock the dust off of the gear and make some semblance out of tackle ditched in the late summer for other pursuits. This year the weather and the hatches likely won’t wait. Anglers are already speaking of Grannoms at Penn’s and Shad at the mouth of Deer Creek and Rockfish moving up into the Susquehanna flats. At the end of this post we have a few historical related posts that might be helpful in deciding how to answer that age old question; to mow or to fish?

Thanks to Chris for the following Gunpowder River stream report and photos:

Greetings Backwater Angler,
Spent a fantastic, warm Spring day out on the Gunpowder. Things seem to be really shaping up to be a good season. More and more fish seem to be rising and the hatches are really coming to life. The predominant hatch where I was today was the midge (darker shades) and the occasional little black stonefly. Naturally, the fish were keyed into the small stuff and preferred a good presentation: tiny black flies dropped with a black un-weighted zebra midge fished in shallow water did the job today. Really counting down the days to the big mayfly hatches!



Gunpowder Brown in Rubber Bag Catch and Release Net

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