Gunpowder River FallFish, Stoneflies, Black Flies and Hendricksons!

Gunpowder River Fall Fish

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 103 Cfs, clear and is 50F. Water temps along the catch and release section have jumped over six degress this week. Stoneflies are in full swing and black flies have been coming off above Falls in the gorge. Hendricksons have been coming off sporadically and everything is pointing to an early spring.

Thanks to Stephen for the stream report and for joining Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER®!


I know I should probably be emailing you on the other site, but I was the one in the store talking to you about GRK on Monday. You mentioned you could send me some information about the event on March 12th. I am joining the team and am excited about it. I will be putting the form and check in the mail tomorrow. I had a blast at Monkton Station after stopping by the shop on Monday. I only caught one trout, but I nailed some of the monster fallfish, ha. I caught one and was very impressed with the size. The second, out of the exact same spot, I had to take a picture, and the third, which I hope was a fallfish, was bigger yet. I didn’t really get a look at the third, but it was noticeably bigger and stronger. I was giggling at the size and fooling around a bit than I should have when the hook came loose. Of course the second I lost him I started wondering… Nah, it couldn’t have been a big brown.