G. LOOMIS PRO-4X FLYRODS in Stock at Backwater Angler

GLOOMIS PRO-4X Freshwater Fly Rods
We recently received a large shipment of this year’s Best in Show at ICAST winning G Loomis Pro-4X rods here at the shop. I have had a chance to play with these rods in weights from 3-10 and I am very impressed. Retailing between $335-$365 , these latest offerings from the wizards at G. Loomis easily cast as well as rods that cost twice as much. I have yet to find anything priced anywhere near the PRO-4X that can do so many things so well. These rods are not as fast as other Loomis products we have had in the shop, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. The NRX was a real boomer but was almost too powerful for most of the trout fishing we do here on the east coast. These new Loomis rods strike a happy medium and are a real joy to cast. The tips are soft but recover well and the butt section has enough reserve power to punch a lot of line out when you need it. The 3 and 4 weights are light and accurate and would shine for all around duty here on the Gunpowder, while the 5 and 6 weights would be right at home throwing large terrestrials and streamers out west. Where I believe these rods really come into their own, however, is in the heavier weights. I’ve found it very difficult to find a great fast action saltwater rod without spending upwards of $600-Look no further. Offered in 9 & 10 foot 7wt-10wts, these rods can comfortably throw a #4 Gotcha at distant tailing bonefish and just as easily heave a heavy sinking line at big fall rockfish here on the Chesapeake. We have a number of PRO-4X’s in the rack so feel free to come up and cast these rods with us. As with all G. Loomis rods, the PRO-4X’s are proudly made in the USA.
G LOOMIS PRO-4X Saltwater Flyrods