Stream Report From Colorado’s Yampa River

Yampa River, CO Fly Fishing for Brown Trout
Thanks to Terry for the August stream report from Colorado’s Yampa River,

Hi Theaux:
I had a great week of fishing in Colorado Aug 8-12. For the last 10-12 years, I always try to catch a rainbow on my birthday in August, and it isn’t always easy to find reliable water out West to have great fishing. Over the last 6 years, I have found that the waters around Steamboat Springs are high, clear and trout-abundant around mid-August. This year, even more so, because of the extremely high snowpack this last winter. I fished for 5 straight days and averaged 20-24 good fish every day, but it wasn’t until the last hour of fishing on the last day, Friday, I caught the 22” rainbow and 26” brown in these pictures. In both cases, it was a “one-cast chance”, as the fish were in clear, relatively shallow water, and a missed-cast would certainly spook them. So, I was lucky enough to 1-cast each of them, fight them hard for quite a few minutes each, and bring to hand a couple of beauties that are a credit to the name “trout”.

I’ll be back on the Gunpowder next weekend; but it will be awhile before I forget these 2 beauties!

All the best.