Fly Fishing Nymphs and Streamers on the Gunpowder…

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 215 CFs, is clear and 58 F. With more rain, (and spillover) in the forecast, the river should bump up a bit and level off through the weekend. Water temps are in great shape, flows are close to twice the median, (over the past 11 years) and the wild fish have been very active this week. Streamers and heavy, double nymph rigs have accounted for a number of chunky fish from Masemore through Bunkerhill Rd. Watch your step and be sure to bring a wading staff as we still have lots of debris strewn across the trails, the banks are soft and in some areas the gravel is still on the spongy side.

Thanks to Hal for the stream report:

Hi Theaux and Jennie
Your suggestions last week were spot on – the river was trying hard to return to normal after the flood and I had a fine time. Looked at Bunker Hill upstream and decided that between the higher flows, muddy banks and trails, that fishing Masemore was a better bet for me. Caught three nice Gunpowder browns on the hoppers you recommended. One of the fish came up, looked over the hopper and then very gently took it – and another smashed the hopper and then took off on a nice run. The water was still a little off color and I only saw a few bugs (maybe caddis?) in mid-afternoon. Thanks for the always great advice.