Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® call for Volunteers

MD DNR MPS Dump Truck
After back to back storms from Hurricane Irene and the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee, the foot trails in the Hereford Area of Gunpowder State Park and the TCB trail could use a few helping hands. Staff from Backwater Angler and volunteers from Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER® will be conducting cleanups along the river and in the park throughout the rest of September and October.

Thanks to Ranger Sarah Witcher from Gunpowder State Park for the kind words and support in prioritizing areas for the post-storm cleanups.

Thank you so much for the offer of help! After discussion with the staff up North, we have a few ideas for you and your volunteers… We are so grateful for your help! As I’m sure you can imagine, we are just swamped with projects that resulted from flooding and winds in the recent storms. Let us know what dates you plan and if any staff is available, we will certainly do our best to meet your volunteers and cheer them on!

Also, please ask any volunteers to register on our volunteer database at


Ranger Sarah Witcher
Northern Area Manager
Gunpowder Falls State Park

As Ranger Witcher suggests, please register with the volunteer database prior to helping the cause and follow Leave No Trace principles. For a list of areas that are high priority, and guidelines for the work at hand, please contact us at