Kudos to Backwater Angler Staffers Josh and Mike

Rob from Fairfax, Virginia sent in these kind words about Backwater Angler staff members Josh Reider and Mike Colegrove. They performed yeoman’s work manning the shop while I spent some time down south visiting with my family. Thanks Guys!

I live in Fairfax, VA and keep your website bookmarked to help me make it through long days. I was camping up in Freeland this weekend and was excited to finally get a chance to stop by the store for the first time on Saturday. I wanted to write an email for a couple of reasons. The first was to say that the two guys working in the store on Saturday were just the type of guys I would want working in my store (if I owned a store); nice, personable, knowledgeable, helpful. I have also never made it up to the Gunpowder before, and I did walk down to the river with my 6 year old son and wife, and we were totally amazed at how cold the water was, and how beautiful the river was. We went down in the morning, when there was a foggy haze resting on the surface of the water, and sun was just starting to peep through. Too bad my fishing gear is still somewhere in transit from Idaho, but it was still a beautiful morning.

Robert Cain