Connecticut River Fly Fishing Report

CT River Brook Trout
Thanks to Adrian for the stream report and photo:

Hey Theaux and co,
Thought I’d send you guys a quick update from the northlands – the headwaters of the Connecticut River. My father and brother drove up to join me not only for a few days of fishing, but for a welcome respite from the heat as well. Our first evening on the water was rather lackluster, with both my father and myself picking up only a few smallish fish. Our second day on the water started very inauspiciously – as soon as I had made it out to the hole that I wanted to fish, I found that my rod had broken! Returning to the water under drab skies, I found that the caddis weren’t really happening as they were supposed to be. So without any real surface activity, I switched to my nymph rig. Initially I tried out my Upper Connecticut go-to, a flashback pheasant tail, but as that didn’t seem to turn any heads I switched over to a small #18 olive hare’s ear, something that could imitate both a caddis pupa and a nymphal BWO. A few casts in and I was hooked up to a decently sized rainbow, an omen of good things to come. Moving up the riffle into deeper water, I watched as my thingamabobber suddenly dropped. When I finally pulled the fish to the surface, I couldn’t believe my eyes – on the end of my line lay an enormous brookie! The rest of the day wasn’t quite as exciting, with both my father and myself netting a bunch of 9-14″ fish first using the small nymph and then switching over to a caddis pattern as the hatch got underway in the evening. We finished the trip out on our third day with a few more decently sized fish, but no more big ones alas. I wish we could have spent some more time fishing in the northlands, but it’s time to go backpacking in the Green Mountains of VT for us!