Heavy Fog On The Gunpowder River

Fog and Sunlight On The Gunpowder
Flows on the Gunpowder are still around 50 Cfs and the water is 48 degrees at Falls Rd. We are fortunate to have such cold water through the C & R sections, and temps are still below sixty degrees down past Monkton Road. On Thursday I planned to cover a few areas, and try some different patterns. Fishing the Gunpowder was surreal in the thick fog. I rigged up for the morning trico hatch around 9:30 am. I could hear the fish splash, but it was hard see beyond forty feet through the fog. I fished a few flats, riffles and back eddies catching browns on size 22-24 Tricos. Once the hatch action slowed I moved to another area and fished larger caddis pupa in some deep holes. After catching a couple nice 11-13 inch browns, and a bunch of 6-8 inchers, a thunderstorm chased me off the water. The storm dumped a lot of rain in a twenty minute period, and than it was clear blue skies. It was prime time to head down river to take advantage of the added off color inflow of the smaller creeks. The fog on the water became much thicker than in the morning, so I snapped the pic above. The water levels didn’t rise much, but the trout really started feeding in the murky water. A few hours turned into a marathon day, before I realized it was 7:30 pm. I covered 3 different areas, and saw only two anglers all day. The latest video post is some underwater shots of black nose dace, sculpins and chubs I filmed on the Gunpowder on another day. There are a lot of food sources, other than mayflies and caddis, in the mid-lower sections of the Gunpowder River.