Carp Convert Speaks

Thanks to Yancey for the shameless Carp testimonial,

Theaux, Jason, I hate to say it but forget the browns. I’m now a devotee of carp fishing. My wife’s cousin was after me for months to try it and so I made the trip up to Syracuse, NY. Low and behold he was right. I hooked up with about twenty of these fish, going anywhere from 10 to 25 pounds. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but they fight harder than kings or steelhead. Landed about five and LDR’d the rest. I caught this scaleless carp, which is actually a hybrid, using a stone fly. I switched up to a shad dart and then a hellgrammite. Also landed some massive sheepshead. These fished pulled line out so fast that it busted my knuckles! Yeah, I’m a carp guy now.
See you guys soon….Yancey

Remember folks the shop is Steps from the Gunpowder River and we do have gear for Carp!
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