Fly Fishing Winston Fly Rods in Montana

Thanks to Fred for the stream report from Montana!

Matt and I had a great week of fishing in the Missoula, MT area last week. We fished the Blackfoot, Rock Creek and the West Fork of the Bitterroot. All dry-flies, catching the tail end of the Salmon fly hatch, stone flies and some green Drakes. Lots of Rainbows, Browns and Cutthroats, mostly 12″ to 15″. Matt caught a 19′ Brown. -90% of the fishing was from float boats. The water, for this time of year, was high, fast and a bit muddy, not conducive to wading, but we had very good results from the boats. Absolutely beautiful country. Matt and I were both delighted with the performance of our new Winston rods. During a few windy periods when we were casting huge Salmon flies, we could probably have used a 6wt., but overall, we loved them. Fishing 6 hours a day and floating 12 miles, we were casting hundreds of times. Holding a good drift for more than 30 seconds was unusual. After fishing 2x and 3x leaders and tippet with #3-5 giant Salmon and Stone flies, it will take some adjustment to get back to 6-7x with #20+ flies on the Gunpowder! We will be there!

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