Snowmelt along the Gunpowder River Points to Streamer Fishing Mid-Week

Chota ThinSkin Neoprene Gloves
The Gunpowder river is flowing at 668 CFs and is dropping. A full reservoir, coupled with 19″ of snow from the last storm, and a warm and rainy Christmas weekend in the Hereford Zone, pushed the river up to 1, 070 CFs last night. An angler who stopped in the shop yesterday at 8 AM tried his luck at Masemore until a tree floated past him. Typically, flows below 275 Cfs are more reasonable for fly fishing the Gunpowder but even at those levels one should limit wading and use the excellent trail network to get around the river. If pitching streamers from the bank is your idea of fun, (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it) wait until midweek and cast but don’t wade among the logs from Masemore through Bunkerhill with Smallmouth sized streamers-think Clousers and Lite-Bright Zonkers under a large strike indicator. With plenty of Winter fishing ahead, stop in and pick up some Chota ThinSkin neoprene gloves and a Filson wool stocking cap while the water receedes. More snow is in the forecast for New Years. If you have a youngster at home next weekend, after they shovel the walk, have ’em try a snow experiment before they pull the sled out of the garage.