North Branch of the Potomac River Fishing Report

Fly Fishing the North Branch

Thanks to Andy Simmons for the following report and picture from a recent fly fishing trip to the North Branch of the Potomac,

I just wanted to thank you for your help and suggestions regarding my trip to the NB…We had a great 2 days of fishing, catching some very nice rainbows..per your advice, we decided to focus on the C&R section below the put and take area…we covered a great deal of water and caught 4 fish between 17-22 inches..I caught my 2 largest on nymphs and my spinfishing buddy caught 2 nice ones with spinners..we saw at least 8 large fish that we never caught, including 3 very nice palimino trout…streamers produced some chases, but no hookups…I caught several small fish on dries, but nymphing was the main producer..Anyway, thanks so much for the help..I’ve attached a few pictures of the nicer trout we caught.