Cooler Temps and Good Trout Fishing On The Gunpowder

It is starting to feel like Fall in Northern Baltimore County. Crisp air temps in the mornings and evenings combined with ice cold water temps feel like October came early this year on the Gunpowder. A few trees have even begun to turn and drop a few of their leaves. The change in temps and seasons always gets the wild browns feeding, and in recent weeks some quality wild trout were caught in the Baltimore area. Small streams in Maryland can even produce some quality fish, like the fish pictured below which fell for an olive bugger stripped across a submerged log.
Small Stream Wild Brown

Blue wing olives in the morning and caddis hatching midday are providing anglers with rising trout opportunities during 32 Cfs flows midweek. Fishing unweighted nymphs under an indicator in shallow riffles is also producing for anglers matching these emerging mayflies and caddis. The occasional afternoon or weekend release provides a large volume of water for anglers looking to fish streamers or nymphs. The latest video post includes some nice browns caught during lower flows, and the pic below is of thirteen inch plus brown caught by John G on my last guide trip. I should say my last trip for a few weeks anyway, as a recent misstep has sidelined me (to fishing from shore only) with a walking boot and a fractured bone in my foot. If you need a reason to go fishing, consider two perfectly good legs reason enough.