Cloudveil Crystal Creek Jacket for Pennies a Day

Cloudveil Crystal Creek Jacket
A Gunpowder regular, who will remain anonymous, so as not to disclose his methods to his immediate family, just emptied his piggy bank for a new Crystal Creek Paclite Gore-Tex jacket from Cloudveil. The loot weighed in at 148 Oz, (that’s equivalent to 92.5 Scott 7′ 7″ 3wt 4pc G2 fly rods) the rest went on a VISA debit card. We’re thinking about holding the change locally, hoarding it in the Caymans is so passe- at least until we have parking meters at the access points along the river. Then again we could turn it into USPS Forever stamps as we’ll see another increase at the post office beginning next Monday. In any case, thank you kind sir for shopping locally. The money, over time, was saved and more importantly, well spent.