Simms Headwaters Pant Review

Thanks to Ben for the Stream report and Review of the Simms Headwaters Pant.

Just wanted to say thank you for steering me toward the Simms Headwaters Pant. I really like the reinforced knees for kneeling down in those quiet, shallow pools. Jason pointed me toward the Cloudveil boots which I absolutely love. They are extremely light for hiking those trails and still handle the slippery rocks in the river.

The fishing was fantastic this weekend. I started out prospecting with a caddis pupae and hooked into a big brown. Unfortunately, he wrapped my leader around a submerged log and got away. I switched to a sulphur dry in the evening and had a great deal of success. They were taking my fly just under the surface film. I brought 8 to hand within 40 minutes of fishing. Thanks for advising me on some great gear and hooking me up with some awesome patterns!