Winter Stoneflies and Woody Debris

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 68 Cfs and is clear. The sun is shining and river temps are 38 to 42 F throughout the catch and release section. Nymphing with small bead heads, and red butts is an effective way to cover water. Most of the fish are holding in shallow riffles near logs and downed branches in the river-the stonefly nymphs crawl out onto these before pulling out of their shucks. So, if you don’t mind covering a lot of water, (not a bad way to stay warm) use the great trail network, a stream thermometer and keep moving until you find slightly warmer water near woody debris. Persistence can pay big dividends this time of year. Even during the Winter, larger fish still need to eat, and one must go fishing in order to catch fish.
Stoneflies on the Gunpowder
If you’re fly fishing from the tying bench this weekend, we’ve provided a glimpse of what you’re missing in the following historical posts:

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