Fly Tying Materials & Gear

Up Close Feathers

 Rain, sleet, snow and wind are just a few of the weather conditions anglers have dealt with on the Gunpowder the past few weeks. The great water levels brought many anglers by the shop to restock on flies, and to load up on materials for days when the weather gets real nasty. Recent orders have filled the walls with plenty of materials to keep tying interesting at the vise this Winter. Threads, beads, hooks, flashy synthetics, furs, dubbing and feathers in a variety of colors can help put together a pattern that will produce this week or next Spring. Stop in and see the expanding selection of totally new materials, as well as great gear from Filson, Simms, Patagonia, Chota, Fishpond, Cloudveil, and rods from Scott, St. Croix and Winston.