Great Flow rates for Mid-Atlantic Fly Fisherman along the Gunpowder River

The Gunpowder river is flowing at 156 Cfs, water temps are in the 60-62 F range throughout the catch and release section. We’ve had steady trico hatches from 7:30 till almost 10:00 just about every morning. The barn swallows are happy, the fish are eating, and you should make time to fish before the you have to start shopping for school supplies. Caddis are present along the river about mid-morning in the #16-18 range and are a great fly to switch to after squinting through the trico hatch. By late afternoon, grasshoppers and ants cast dangerously close to the banks should elicit a few strikes. If you’d like to fish tricos, a size #22 to 26 fly is in order. Don’t bother with the riffles, instead seek out some flat glassy water and be prepared to tie on some 7 and/or 8x. Ten to twelve foot leaders are a good place to start, and yes, we do sell 15 ft 7x tapered leaders and they do turnover.
Thanks to Bill for the following stream report:

Theaux –
Saw Jason’s Savage River article in Eastern Fly Fishing … great job! Looks like you’ve got a modern day Gaddabout Gaddis in your stable.
Was having an excellent day above Monkton yesterday before the rain drove me off. The fish are really bright and healthy in that stretch. Took the first few on a tandem nymph rig, but switched over to a Harrop adult caddis (a dubbed body/CDC underwing/tent-style Medallion sheeting wings/brown hackle) when a hatch started them coming to the surface. Landed a couple, including a beauty just under 15″, when it got really dark and started to pour. Vive le flow rate!