Copperheads in Gunpowder State Park

I carry a camera everyday on the water for when those elusive hatches begin or that lunker trout appears on the line. Sometimes the unexpected things I capture on video are far more interesting than fish or bugs. Recently I noticed some young park users playing awfully close to these sunning copperheads, (the picture below is of a surprised Northern Black Racer) near the river’s edge. When I began shooting this video, their parents started hovering around to see what the fuss was about.

A few moments earlier, the adults had walked within steps of the snakes without noticing them. The snakes coloration was reminiscent of autumn, allowing them to blend in well their surroundings. Even with all the commotion the snakes held their ground, unafraid, which was a sign that we should be. You can never tell what you may encounter in the truly wild place that is the Gunpowder Falls State Park, Hereford Maryland. Watch your step out there and if you have never seen one of these beautiful snakes up close, enjoy.

On August 25, The following was added:

Thanks to Mark Z. for correctly identifying the snake pictured above as a black rat snake.