Tricos and Hoppers along the Gunpowder River

Excellent flows in the mid 150’s, and cool clear water in the 59 to 64 F range throughout the catch and release area of the Gunpowder River have provided great fishing this week. Large streamers, #4-6 and tiny trico’s #22-26, (in the early hours) followed by Caddis in the #14-16 range, (mid-morning) and hoppers by mid to late afternoon should keep everyone busy and into wild fish this weekend. Leaders in the 7x to 8x range are the norm for trike fishing. Judging from Jason du Pont’s latest video, 4x or 5x tippet for streamers should be considered.

Thanks to Maj. Jason Nicholson for the following report from August 4.

Fishing was decent. Lots of fish rising in the slow stretch by the bend right when you come down the mountain from the “upper” parking lot at about 0930. Had a few strikes off and on in that general area and fished up past the first set of rapids. Then we fished back down to where the river narrows. I took a 10inch and 6inch rainbow in one large pool at about 4-5ft on a #18 winged nymph that I was fishing down and across. The small one hit from underneath a sunken log and the larger one was caught literally two casts later from underneath a shelf/rock edge. Both fought like crazy. Good day of fishing given the weather and water conditions.
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