Max’s Gunpowder River Fly Fishing Report

I hit the River at Masemore around 6:45 am on Wednesday the 8th, and fished an olive zonker until around 7. I got three fish on that , but I switched to a size 22 reverse hackle trico on a 13 foot 7x leader. I got four nice brown’s that way, but after 11 o’clock, the hatch dwindled, and the fish stopped rising.

Tricos are Tiny

I then put on a green weenie with a red San Juan worm dropper. This arrangement resulted in a few tangles, but also a couple of fish. At about noon, I began to hit the banks with ants and beetles, either floating, or sunken with a split shot. I got more fish on that arrangement, but the nicest fish came from a deep pool below Masemore. He was 16 inches, and hit a prince nymph that I had cast into the quick water that edged the pool. After that, I landed a few more fish on a white wooly bugger, and a lite-bright zonker.

Hoppers ready for a swim

Hoppers were working well when cast hard against the banks.
I left the river at 3:00, having landed 15 fish and having missed over three dozen.