Flyfishing for Shad in Maryland

Thanks to Chris and Scott for the following reports:

Dear Backwater,
Just a quick report on the Shad Run—we have been fishing near the pumping station at Susquehanna State park each evening this week to enjoy the incredible shad run that is at its peak. Each of us caught at least two dozen fish last night using small weighted streamer patterns in chartreuse and yellow. Fish were often caught on the swing through deep pools.
Enjoy it while it lasts
Chris Karwacki

Hi Jason and Theaux,
Thanks for the shad flies! They did the trick yesterday up on the Gunpowder above Rte 40. The fish seemed to like the red/pink ones and also some yellow flies I had in my box. There were still plenty of fish heading up the river to spawn. I hope it lasts a little longer so that I can get out again.
Great job on the Hendrickson video. I learned a lot from it
Take care,