Go Flyfishing on the Gunpowder River, MD –Levels are Dropping Quickly

Afte two to four inches of rain locally the Gunpowder River is dropping from a high of 641 CFs on Friday, the 27th, to a much more manageable 356 Cfs today. By mid-afternoon the river will be dropping just below 300 CFS, and by Sunday the river should be in the low 200’s-as long as we don’t get any more rain this evening. When the river is falling, large wild brown trout start eating their bretheren, so try small, sparsely dressed streamers along log jams and cut banks. The river is clear above Masemore Rd., so soft hackles in the #10-12 range and large bead head nymphs should work fine in riffles. Hendricksons have been present in the evening, followed by concentrated spinner falls towards dark.
Midday Gunpowder River Hendrickson Dun
During the spinner fall, dun and spinner imitations that are tied with egg sacks will be more effective than standard patterns. Remember that Caddis are just around the corner, so try a few small elk hair or traditional soft hackles this week between hatches.