Mike Writes about Gunpowder State Park Use Issues

In a follow up to my earlier post, Mike writes:


I have to agree with Bill about the large dogs. They can be real irksome. I think they scare horses, too. I know mountain bikers scare ’em. Plus, I was speaking with a woman I know who lives near the river and rides there. I told her what was happening on this site – the talk about horse damage. She was very upset. Not about what is being said but about the possibility that “troubles are a-brewing.” She knows what damage a horse can do to a trail; she says she has been riding there for years and has probably contributed to some damage herself in the past but she says that she and her friends ride well back from the river FOR JUST THAT REASON! She was visibly upset about this issue because she wants to maintain the privilege of riding there and sure doesn’t want to get into any hassles with the fishing crowd. I think we have an ally there and I’m sure she’s spoken to her other riding friends, but, as we all know, a lot of people ride there. I thought it was at least nice to know that this person is concerned also, understands our point of view and will hopefully pass the word along to some others. Unfortunately, they are already riding well back from the river so it’s like preaching to the choir! She also noted that she has never heard of nor seen anybody clearing trails of blow-downs of cutting any trees to make way for horses, and promises to let me know if she does. I got a lot out of that conversation with her. I guess that’s how a lot of us get involved, though. We find that through mere conversation we’ve become accidental activists! This issue promises to become a hot topic, I’m thinking.

Tight Lines,

Mike Vach