Gunpowder River Stream Report

On Feb. 16, 2007 Theaux added the following:Spillover this week has brought the river flow up to 145 CFs and it is dropping now to the low 100’s. Today all access points are now “plowed in” –read no access–from Upper Falls through Bluemount Rd. We will be speaking to Gunpowder State park officials today about when the lots will be cleared and will keep you posted.
The air is colder than the water, at least the water that’s moving. Just ask the fish! The Gunpowder river is flowing at 58 Cfs and all of the access points are open. The river has lots of edge ice along the banks from Masemore through Falls Rd. Falls Rd to the dam has open water in pockets, but should be especially tough to cover if we get more snow. This picure, taken by Jason du Pont just upstream of the high trail pool, is a typical Gunpowder River winter scene. Snowy Valley
Snowflies, little Black stones and small bead head nymphs are worth a shot but plan on walking the trails a bit before finding open water. With snow in the forecast, we should have more spillover as everything melts away in the next week or so. Stay Tuned!