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Cloudveil 8X Wader Review

The Cloudveil 8X wader is a great wader for anglers, especially those who tend to be smaller and prefer a tighter fit instead of a baggy wader. At a lean 5’7 I fit into the smalls and they are the perfect length, foot size and provide ample room for winter layering. They are durable– not one leak all spring, summer and fall, with many days of use each week. I like the drab color and also live out of the zipper pockets while guiding and fishing. They breathe very well and I rarely find that I am sweating, unless I hike into Falls road in July. This is the wader for anglers looking for a sleek fitting wader with great breathability.

Jason du Pont

Patagonia Deep Wading Jacket Review

Patagonia’s Deep Wading Jacket is my summer fishing jacket, based on its lightweight and packable design. It can fit into vest pockets, Simms Dry camera bag, or even folded and rubberbanded into a ball and clipped to a wading belt with a carabiner. The sleeve cuffs can be sealed to keep water from running down your sleeve when you hold up that trophy for a picture. The color also blends in well with the dense foliage that grows on riverbanks in the summer.

Jason du Pont

Flyfishing the Gunpowder river? Try 4,646 wild fish per mile for odds…

The upper river holds, based on State fisheries biologist Charlie Gougeons’ report after the 2006 Fall shocking survey, 4,646 fish per mile-That’s four thousand, six hundred and forty six fish per mile folks. Who’s going flyfishing this weekend? If you don’t, others will. Here’s a little insight as to who might headed up this weekend based on local drive times from folks we’re proud to call regulars.

The South Jersey and N. Virginia anglers will drive just over 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Philly-style anglers will drive 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Delaware based anglers will drive 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Annapolis and DC Metro anglers will drive 1 hour and 20 minutes.
York and Baltimore anglers will drive 35 minutes.
Are you a Backwater Angler?

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Remember that the Big Gunpowder Falls River river is over 18 miles in length from Prettyboy Dam to Loch Raven. I’m sure that you’ll be able to find some open water this weekend, Stop in the shop if you need directions, flies or just want to share a tall tale.

The river is flowing at a great level, the most recent instantaneous value provided by the USGS is 154 CFs means that the fish are ready to attack dries and streamers. We had several anglers in yesterday that reported great luck with Goddard caddis in the #12-16 range. Small Streamers have also been the ticket. Try fishing olive marabou muddlers with a little deep soft weight pushed into the nose to get them down. Bwo’s in the #18-20 range will trick fish along back eddies and glassy pools. Die-hard terrestrial nuts can still score with a #14-16 fur ant. And behold, nymphers, the little black fly larvae are about, so be sure to pick up a few brassies in the #18-22 range before you head out.

Long leaders are still the rule, we’re typically starting with a 9 to 12 footer and adding a few feet of 6 or 7x.

Note:Hand tied leaders are typically easier to turn over than knotless tapered leaders.
See and feel the difference hand tied leaders can make in your fishing the next time you’re in the shop.

22″ gunpowder river rainbow still swimming…

Ask Jason about the 22″ rainbow that got away.Streamflow is 182 Cfs, the river is clear, cool at 52 F and is taking on some beautiful Fall color. We’ve had quite a few reports of chunky browns in the 10-14″ range taking size #14-18 caddis and #12-14 stimulators. Nymphs that imitate black fly larvae-think zebra midges have been dynamite-especially above Falls Rd. Large terrestrials should work fine in the #8, yes #8 through #12 range.Smaller, more traditional streamers such as Grey Ghosts and Mickey Finns are easier to fish than bulky patterns, get down fast, and the fish eat them. Leaves are falling along the trails and can be slippery even out of the water so now is a great time to consider putting in a new set of spikes in your wading shoes.

Olives are always a good bet,especially on cloudy warm days. We tend to use parachutes in the flats and emerger style patterns in the foam lines.

Note: Don’t have a studded sole?
Consider a pair of Chota Citico or STL+ shoes next time you’re in the shop.
You won’t be dissapointed….

Hoppers in November?

I’ve been nymphing the past week and had settled into “Winter fishing mode”, so I was surprised to have quite a few fisherman come in this afternoon who were excited about catching Wild Browns on Hoppers, Griffith’s Gnats, Henryville Specials and Parachute Adams.

The crowds along the river have thinned out. Why? -Weather. It has been nice and cloudy today. Most are using bead head nymphs sized #12-14 or small weighted streamers in Black or Brown sized #8-12. This afternoon we’ve been talking to folks about the benefits of Capilene under breathable waders. We have some new spiffy windproof, fingerless gloves from Patagonia that have been a real hit with the Steelheaders heading up North. Our short and long sleeved logo T-shirts are in stock and ready to wear.They are Olive green in color, have the shop logo on the front and a screen printing of one of Mary K., The Fish Lady’s beautiful Brown trout on the back. Check out her stuff in the gallery section of the site.

Sulphur City

If this weather keeps up I’m moving to England. Fishing has been super! Water flow has been nice and temp is still hovering around 50 F. Sulphurs sized #12-14 are coming off around 3:00 PM with #18-20 Caddis mixed in. Try a #16 Pheasant tail in between hatches and don’t let the weatherman tell you how to spend your weekend.

Following are some recent quotes from anglers this week.
“Some of the nicest water I’ve seen in the East…Lots of voracious feeding and saw a couple of bruisers…It was one of the most memorable days for me on the Gun…”

“Getting into some nice wild Browns…I’ll be back to the river and the shop!”

Note: Note: The shop will be open on Memorial day from 10 AM till 4 PM.

Water,Water Everywhere…

The sun is shining and Yes, the water is still off color, but we’re finding fish that are taking Sulphurs from the surface. Most of these are #14-16. If the fish are rising, but you can’t seem to connect, try a sparkle dun. A sparkle dun is a great emerger pattern that is easy to see and works like the devil.
One should find some better looking water, Olives sized #18-22 and #18-20 Caddis above Falls Rd. Fishing big Streamers in the pocket water has it’s own rewards.The river should continue to drop and clear up by the weekend.

Note: A sparkle-dun is a comparadun with a trailing shuck of z-lon.

High and Clear

The water is high and clear. The gauge at Falls this morning was 2.8-around 330 Cfs. The river will be a little chalky below the feeder creeks at Masemore and just below Bunkerhill. So fish just above these if you like clear water. In short–Get up here and bring a few San Juan worms if you’ll be fishing through the showers this afternoon.

Need one for Steelhead and Kings

Stop! Have you caught a Steelhead or King yet?
Anyone out there that can take off Thursday through Saturday for a quick trip to Pulaski, NY for Steelhead and Kings should give Tom Taylor a call at 410-343-1033. All equip. is provided and the total cost of the trip will be around $500.
His # is 410-343-1033.
Locally we’ve heard mixed reports of fish taking dries in the catch and release section and most would agree that an Olive sized #20 is taking a fair # of fish that are noticeably bigger than last year.You heard here first folks.. the fish are getting bigger in the Gunpowder. With the rain falling this afternoon and tonight expect the water to be a little offaround the feeders and try a few streamers in the #4-6 range.Olive and black muddlers or buggers have been very productive above Falls Rd.

Note: One parting word of advice…always remember to push your flip-focals out of your line of sight when landing fish. This will stop vertigo in its tracks and ultimately make you a happier fisherman.