Scott E2 Rod Review

Scott’s E2 rod series could change the way you fish. Let me explain. They offer a variety of weights and lengths for each type of fishing. I chose the 10 foot 4 weight rod for the Gunpowder, Savage and North Branch, because higher flows will keep you from wading into the river as far as you like. This rod allows the same ability to control drift with dries or a pair of nymphs under an indicator. It takes high sticking to a whole new level and it mends and picks up forty feet of line for roll casts with ease. It can put the fly into those seams on the far bank, that the 8’6″ and 9 footers can’t reach. It has a soft tip to protect light tippet, but looks more like a six weight at the butt. The Scott E2 1004-4 is a hooksetting, nymphing, line throwing machine. For smaller waters the Scott E2 9003-4 is an excellent rod with similar characteristics.

Jason du Pont