Water Temperature Questions Answered…

“As long as the water is cool the fish should
not experience too much stress, correct?”

Thanks for your question Chad.

You are correct.

This fish should not experience stress as long as the water is cool.

Today, Thursday August 31, water temperatures along the 7.6 mile catch and
release section of the Big Gunpowder Falls from Pretty boy Dam to Bluemount
Rd ranged from 53 F to 57 F.

We’re in constant communication with State Fisheries Managers, biologists,
and Baltimore City, which ultimately controls the flow and temperature in
the Gunpowder.With their help and our constant monitoring of stream
conditions such as flow and temperature, we can better determine when it is
safe to catch and release trout without causing undue stress.

So, please go fishing and have a great Labor day weekend.

Hope to see you on the river and in the shop soon.

Best regards,
Theaux Le Gardeur

The Big Gunpowder Falls river is low and clear at 32 CFS, water temps are stable between 53 and 57 F throughout the Catch and Release section.Fish are still stacked up in pools and long leaders will make a difference in your fishing. Small caddis in the #16-18 range are working and ants, and hoppers will still move fish. Please feel free to call us regarding any changes in stream conditions through the weekend.

Note: We will be open from 10-4 PM Saturday, Sunday and Monday.