Bwo’s, Tricos and Caddis

The river is relatively low at 82CFs, clear and cool for August, at 60 F. Mornings are a great time to try nymphing with small pheasant tails coupled with caddis emergers. Beat the boat traffic by getting an early start and covering Masemore upstream through Falls with #16 Bwo’s and Trico Spinners sized #20-22. Can’t see the fly?

Grease up your leader with GINK and watch it jump.Fish often sip flies this time of year so unless they’re taking caddis it’s likely that your flies willl just disappear. Want to try another dropper rig that’s more visible? Try a caddis or large attractor like a #12-14 stimulator in front of those Bwo’s or Tricos and be sure to use plenty of 7x.

Note: Most of our Gunpowder guides would much rather fish in the rain so don’t let the weather spoil your fun, bring a jacket along and experience tight lines!