Excellent Fly Fishing on the Big Gunpowder Falls Advisory

It’s hot out there and much cooler along the river.Flow is at 111 CFs, gin clear and the water temp is 62 F at Falls Rd. Ants, beetles caddis and hoppers are still producing. Use 12ft to 14ft leaders ending in 7x and hold on, the wild brown trout are getting bigger in the Gunpowder.

Could the fishing get any better?
Thanks to Max and Marty for the following reports:

Hey guys I went fishing on Wednesday below Bunker Hill, and caught a dozen nice fish. They were taking size 14 Green Weenies in the deep pools, and some size 22 elk hair caddis’ in the riffles. I started at about 3pm, and left the river at about 7. the largest fish that I measured was 17 1/2 inches, and was so fat that I could not wrap my hand arround it. There were alot of people tubing, but it did not affect the fishing at all. See you all later, I won’t be in for a while, due to a trip I’m taking to the New York to fish and hike.

I had a lovely outing on the riv yesterday. Despite the sun and heat, I managed well over a dozen fish on dries between 10:30 AM and 5 PM. The key is to find shade. Or overhaging plants, bushes, trees. And, of course, fish. Put in below the dam and made it about halfway to Falls Rd, then fished back up after the sun changed sides in the sky. Saw only two other anglers all day. All fish caught on beetles and ants, all of which were tied by yours truly. Foam beetle did superb damage. In fact, one particular cast brought me two personal bests: 1) it was the third consecutive cast that brought a fish to hand; and 2) it was a 17″ brown, my biggest fish to date on a dry (the proverbial ‘7X serenade’). In fact, on a 30-yard stretch of water, I hooked 6 fish and landed 4. Shortly thereafter, not far from that spot, I succeeded in fooling an even larger fish into taking a beetle, but alas, after a few tugs it turned itself sideways into the current and broke off. Released two 14″ fish, with all the rest but the big guy going 8-12″. All browns. I have found that the bigger fish find ways of almost imperceptibly taking flies or other bugs off the surface. Usually it’s up against a rock or log just where the rock or log imparts a wake to the surface. I noticed a similar phenomenon last year when I caught a few 14-15″ fish in riffles. Never saw the takes, just saw the butt of the fly line dance in a different line.
take ‘er easy, will make an appearance sometime soon.
tight lines fellers.

Note: Getting an early start?
Try small pheasant tails in #18-20 range in the riffles then switch to terrestrials by mid-morning.