Streamers and big nymphs…HIGH and LOW

We’ve fielded numerous calls today regarding Gunpowder river fishing conditions.
Currently flow is 320 Cfs, relatively high for those set on wading midstream. Instead, use the excellent trail network along the river and remember that during high water fish move-especially big fish. Try the back eddies up above Falls RD with streamers like Whitlock’s Near Nuff Sculpin sized #4-6 and big nymphs such as conehead stoneflies sized #8-10 and be careful out there. Expect flows to continue through the weekend until Monday when we expect flows to be around 30 Cfs so State Fisheries managers and volunteers can electro-shock the river starting at the Upper Falls Rd Lot. Tuesday they will be starting from the Lower Falls lot and Wednesday they’ll be starting at Masemore. How will this impact your fishing? I’d fish lower, (anything below Masemore) and plan on fish pooling in deep runs and pockets. Small nymphs, such as a #18 Copper John and long, fine leaders should prove very effective during the low flow days.

Note: Don’t spook fish…It’s just as important to limit your wading during low flows.