The river is clear and is flowing at close to 100 CFs. Don’t let the afternoon showers put you off get out and catch the 11″ to 14″ fish we’re seeing on a regular basis. Morning fishing from 7:00 AM on with loop wing sulphur emergers sized #16-18 has been red hot. Straw to ginger colored X -Caddis sized #14-18 have saved more days on the river than any other pattern I can think of… Great stream reports continue to roll in..Spinner falls have been starting close to 7:30 till dark. If you’re fishing midday try a foam beetle #14 and parachute ant #18 tandem rig.. Recent stream reports follow:

Message: Theaux – Two 20+ fish days this week, including really terrific spinner falls Tues & Wed evenings. Lost one in 15-16″ range that broke off under a log jam (7X).

Bill & Baby Ruth

Message: Hello Theaux. This is Mark from New Jersey. Took your advice on Thursday and fished upstream on the Gunpowder just above Falls Road. While I was pessimistic due to the torrential downpour that was occurring during the drive up, I decided to wait it out and finally hiked in as it slowed down. To my surprise, the water was clear, cool and running nicely despite the rain. A good sulpher hatch was coming off and fish were rising in the seams of the runs and at the heads of the pools. I tied on a #16 sulpher and never took it off. I managed to land 4, drop 2 and lost count on how many I missed. Those 12-foot leaders take bit of getting used to when trying to set the hook! Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your friendly hospitality and helpful advice and let you know I am making it a point to visit you, Rocky and the Gunpowder whenever I’m in town.