Rainy Valentine…A,B,C, and NZ

…and the consensus is…cabin fever. We saw as many folks Saturday as we do in June during the Sulphurs. With temps in the mid 50’s, the air was right and the water was dropping all weekend. Fishing dries is still very challenging with water temps between 39 and 41 F, so many fished double rigs like a #14 Red Butt Soft Hackle in front of a #10-12 Red Copper John. Falls Rd. through Masemore was busy enough, but there were not as many fishing as you’d think, just lots of folks gearing up for destination trips to Argentina, the Bahamas, Chile, and I almost forgot, New Zealand. This morning the flow was 120 Cfs and water was 39 F at Masemore.With a few warm days ahead, start early with soft hackles and get out midday,(a long lunch perhaps?) and try those dries again.