Hendricksons about to pop..

After some much needed rain, the river is level is up to 272 Cfs , is off color and water temp is 53 F. We’ve had many reports of fish actively midging at Masemore Rd. the past few days but with more rain in the forecast, I’d try a heavy, dark fly in a #4 or #6. If the water drops under 200 Cfs by the weekend try a #22 Griffiths Gnat or Black midge in the flat water. Hendrickson nymphs abound between Masemore Rd. and Bunkerhill Rd. and should come off through the weekend. We’ve also seen lots of Olives in the #18-22 range and a few #16 Blue Quills.

Note: Looking for a heavy dark fly that works?
Try a Near Nuff Sculpin or Supper Bugger the next time you’re up.