Nice report!

Water is ~127 Cfs, clear and dropping a bit to 51 F. Following is another nice report on fishing along the Gunpowder.

Had a great day Sunday.Caught a dozen browns below Falls Rd. including a fifteen incher (!) on an Irrisistible #16 dry. Water below the bridge used to be very flat and slow. With the flows as they are now, and with the downed trees crossing the river, this stretch is really producing! Thanks for keeping the site up to date. Nothing’s more frustrating than local info that’s six months old.-Andy

Since the weather has cooled a little since this report we’re starting to rely on nymphs and streamers a little more. Pheasant tail soft hackles sized #14-16 and brown-flash -a-buggers in sizes #8-#12 are good bets. With rain in the forecast for Wed, bring along a few San Juan worms and hit the undercut banks between Bunkerhill and York.

Note: When nymphing, make sure that you’re getting hung up on the bottom every half-dozen casts or so. If you’re not, add a little shot about a forearm above the fly to slow the whole rig down a bit.