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Gunpowder River Up with Recent Rainfall

Abel Brown Trout Reel
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 123 CFs, is slightly off color and 42.5 F. If you have a rain jacket you can rely on it might be time to make a splash play of your own to ring in the New Year. When the River levels move up opportunistic browns can often be tricked with a sink-tip/streamer combination. An 11″ Brookie was caught just outside of the catch and release area last week on a cone head, squirrel-tail something. Small nymphs like Zebras and black flies behind fished behind larger, heavier stoneflies are also worth a shot. We fielded more comments and questions about the rainbows in the upper section last year than in any other previous year. If you’ve seen, heard or wondered about these fish drop us a line and we’ll put together a quick summary of comments for the fisheries folks to review. With a clipper coming through as early as Monday night today might be a great opportunity to get out and fly fish the Gunpowder before we experience some real winter weather.
Baltimore County, Maryland Wild Brown Trout

Fly Fishing the Gunpowder River on New Year’s Day

The Gunpowder River is clear and flowing at 77 CFs. Water temperatures in the catch and release section dropped today from 43.5 to 42 degrees F. Small traditional feather-winged and buck-tail streamers have been moving a few fish from Masemore through Bunkerhill. These patterns work best when paired with a sinking leader and a short trace of tippet in the 5x or 6x range. Nymphing has been tough in the fast water. Zebra midges behind a red butt or small rubber legged stonefly have been working in slower moving water along the banks. The big boulder pools are still holding a few large fish but these areas often look better than they fish this time of year. A Griffiths Gnat in the #16 range or tiny Blue Winged Olive no larger than a #22 fished blind in the flat water is a good bet.

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If you need a license over the next few days please visit COMPASS to obtain a license online. You’ll need a non-tidal (freshwater) license and a trout stamp to fish the Gunpowder.

Fly Fishing near Baltimore and D. C. during the Holidays

Gunpowder River Rainbow
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 77 CFs, is gin clear and 44 F. The River is in good shape. The trails are greasy so plan on bringing along a wading staff. Now is the time to put in studs in your wading shoes. With highs forecast in the low 60′s by the end of the week, plan on seeing a few stoneflies in the #14-16 range and olives in the #20-22 range along the River. Rabbit strip streamers and zonkers are an effective way to cover larger stretches of water.

Thanks to Josh for the stream report and photos.

Fishing small midge patterns behind a pheasant tail or hare’s ear has been the most productive way to fish a double nymph rig. Dead drifting smaller streamers through deep holes is also a good bet. The river water is cold and the slower tailouts have been holding more fish than the riffles.

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Gunpowder River Brown

Small Business Saturday Fishing Report

The Gunpowder River is a little off color and is flowing at 90 CFs and is 48 F. Wild trout have been taking nymphs in the #18-22 range in the flat water. Large streamers fished in and around the bend pools and log jams are a safe bet. The boulder pools have been tough to fish (read slippery) during frosty mornings so be careful out there! A few early brown stoneflies were reported today so if you have any dark caddis in your box give them a try. If you need some flies, advice or just need to get away from those pesky relatives, please consider finding us on the Shop SmallĀ® Map and joining us for Small Business Saturday. First you need to register your AMEX at . It’s an easy form-just fill out your Name, Card # and email. When you use your card and spend $10 or more Saturday, November 29 at Backwater Angler and you’ll receive a $10 statement credit. If you find two other small business also taking part in this offer and spend another $10 at each location you will receive up to $30 total in statement credits within 90 days.Why shop locally rather than online? Simply put your money goes further when you shop local independently owned shops such as Backwater Angler. “Multiple studies from show locally-owned independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy than chain competitors and buying remotely on the web creates almost no local benefit–just a few minutes’ work for a delivery person that likely won’t be able to help you with directions to the River or tell you what flies are working. For the past 13 years your patronage has helped Backwater Angler support five staff members, five guides and the local community including donations to the Boy and Girl Scouts, Potomac Patuxent, National Capital Maryland and Mid Atlantic Council of Trout Unlimited, Gunpowder RIVERKEEPER, Coastal Conservation Association, WATERKEEPERS Chesapeake, Maryland Horse Breeders Association, Ducks Unlimited, Center Stage, Hereford Food Bank, Hereford Robotics Club and the Hereford Fall Fest benefiting the Hereford Volunteer Fire Department. Thanks for your support-We hope to see or hear from you tomorrow.

Streamers, Olives and Stonefly Nymphs

Fly Fishing Maryland The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 50 Cfs and 48.5 degrees F. I find it hard to believe that by Monday folks are talking about a 69 F day leading up to Thanksgiving! Thanks to Stephen Knott for another nice shot-this time of a stocky caught on a big streamer. This fish likely held over during an early stocking, moved up from the lower River and is now taking on some beautiful colors. Stop in this weekend and spend some time picking up stonefly nymphs and dries out of the muffin tins. It’s not too early to swing some soft hackles stonefly and nymph patterns in the shallows. With the wind lessening this weekend, plan on seeing a few tiny BWO’s in the flats between York Rd and Falls Rd. We just received some lovely Blue Winged Olives sized down to a #26 but a parachute in a size #18-20 should work fine. We’re faced with relatively low water this time of year-that said streamers are always a good bet. To slow roll sculpin patterns effectively-Be sure to add just two or three feet of 4x to an Airflo sinking polyleader to get the big flies down fast and twitch them abruptly while they sink down into the boulder pools.

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Election Day Fly Fishing

Election Day Fly Fishing
The Gunpowder River is low, flowing at 40 Cfs and is 55 F. Thanks to Stephen Knott for sending in this shot of a beautiful Brown tricked on election day. Tricos, #18 Blue Winged Olive soft hackles and tiny Caddis in the #20 range are still part of the mix. Fly Fishing in low water can be challenging-especially when approaching spooky fish in the flats. With leaves on the trails and frost on the way now is the time to put studs in your wading shoes. Focus on riffles, runs and plan on approaching fish from the banks and covering the log jams and pools with unweighted streamers. Be sure to bring along a camera to capture the last of the fall colors before the polar vortex arrives.

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Halloween Stream Report

Gunpowder Trout
The Gunpowder is flowing at 35 CFs, is clear and 54 F. The River still has plenty of fall color. Two anglers wearing capes took advantage of a half day of middle school and stopped in this afternoon before heading out to fish at Bunkerhill. Tricos in the morning followed by Blue Winged Olives and Caddis are all part of the mix now. Tired of hooking leaves? It might be easier, and more productive to fish dries-especially small ones. The muffin tins are full of Mike Bachkosky’s snowshoe rabbit midges and phunny emergers in the #18-22 range. Dreading the small stuff? If you have some hoppers left over in a terrestrial box drop any of these small patterns behind them on about a foot and a half of 7x. Daylight savings time is this weekend-a signal that both early voting and evening fishing is over. Sleep in and take advantage of mid-morning temperature swings. The trick to connecting with wild fish is to treat yourself to some time on the water this weekend.

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Columbus Day Week Fishing Report and Shop Hours

Gunpowder River RainbowTHe Gunpowder river is clear, flowing at a near perfect 106 Cfs and is 55.5F. This week reports of Olives in the morning and Tricos mid-day at Masemore and Bunkerhill have been encouraging. Folks have also been coaxing quite a few rainbows to take zebra midges throughout the catch and release area. With flows back up from the 38 Cfs it’s loads easier to fish nymphs in the riffles under big yarn indicators and streamers, like Grey Ghosts and sculpins in the log jams. We’ve been checking in lots of cozy gear from Patagonia-including some Nano-Air jackets, Shelled insulator and R1 pants. With the weather getting colder wet wading in those old leaky waders might not be as much fun anymore. Stop in and check out what Simms just sent along, including some G4Z, G3 and Headwaters waders, Vapor Boots and Riffle Jackets.

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Wild Brown Trout taking Midges, Olives and Tricos in the Leaf Lines

Wild Brown Trout in Little Falls
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 38 Cfs and is 56 F. Most of the water in the catch and release section is in the shin to knee deep range. The fish are looking up and taking a majority of flies in the #18-22 size range. Wild fish in the Gunpowder River are concentrated along shelves, tailouts and bend pools. Long fine leaders are essential for tricking fish this time of year. Start with a ten footer and plan on adding some 7x. For those intent on stalking the the flats 8x is not out of the question-just be mindful of your hookset. Now is the time to dust off that three weight fly rod you swore that you’d use in low water. Sometimes a line of leaves upon the water can reveal where the current is and where the Olives, Midges and Tricos are…the rest is up to you.
Little Falls Brown Trout

Tricos, Olives and Caddis in Low Water

Brook Trout
The Gunpowder River is gin clear, flowing at 37 CFs and is 58 F. With air temps in the high 40′s every morning, it takes a few hours for the fish to start moving on the tiny BWO’s and trico’s. By mid-afternnon caddis are peeling off in the riffles. The fishing is tough but long, fine leaders ending in 7x will result in surprisingly quick takes-especially in the shallows. The evening light on the bean and cornfields surrounding the Hereford Area is warmer now. One can no longer see to fish past 8 PM. The acorns are already dropping–a reminder that summer is already fading. Time spent afield this time of year is always worthwhile especially on the Gunpowder River.