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December Fishing Report on the Gunpowder

The river is at 182 cfs and 44 degrees F.

Water levels have gradually fallen to a better level for fly fishing. Streamers are working well, with the recent high water the trout are spread out. There are plenty of tiny white midges hatching, especially in the deeper boulder pools, on warmer afternoons you can find risers in the softer water sipping emergers. If wading watch out for redds as there are lots of them throughout the catch and release section and please don’t fish for the trout on them.

Anyone fishing Masemore lately lost a rod tip for a Winston? We have it safely behind the counter.


Holiday Hours at Backwater Angler

Need a break from the home front this week? We have some great sales this week in store only. We will be open this Tuesday and Wednesday 10 – 2 both days and will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving. Open again normal hours on Friday. 

The river is at 290 cfs and gradually dropping. Water temperature is at 52 degrees F and the water is clear.

The river is quite full and many fish are spawning so please take care when wading. Since the air and water temperature have dropped recently the fishing has been quite slow. However now the river is coming  down to a better level for fishing and we’re experiencing some milder, still days – this fishing should be easier this week.

Enjoy the turkey dinner & hope you get out to catch a trout or 2!



Midges and Olives on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is at 131 cfs, 60 degrees F and is carrying a green tint to it as Prettyboy reservoir turns over.

The fishing is great at the moment. The mild weather has a lot of fish looking up. Trout are eating cream midges and blue winged olives after mid day through until evening. Flying ants are also working well in this blustery warm weather.

Enjoy the weather whilst it lasts!

Fall Colors and Spillover on the Gunpowder

Currently the Gunpowder is at 89 cfs, 58 degrees F and rising.

The dam is pulling water at 30 cfs and the reservoir is over capacity, leading to spillover. With rain on the way, keep an eye on the gauge this weekend if you’re planning to fish. If it gets above 250 cfs, maybe a walk in the woods would be better use of your time.

I fished above falls road during the week and I found a number of trout rising to cream midges size 20. Along with trout there were lots of bluegill rising for midges and smallmouth bass patrolling. I’ve never seen such abundance of warm water fish so close to the dam, the resident brown trout have plenty of good sized meals available, so streamer fishing early & late would definitely be worth your time. Miracle nymphs and wd40 emergers 18-22 or pheasant tails and prince nymphs size 16-20 are catching fish. Fishing these behind a elk hair caddis is a great searching set up at this time of year when the fish are eager to eat before spawning in November.

Thanks to Ethan Lawson who caught this chunky wild brown on a streamer.

High Water Once Again on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is at 470 cfs and 66 degrees F.

A heavy dose of rain yesterday evening through the night has led to spillover at Prettyboy Dam. The river is currently too high to safely wade but as the levels drop the fishing should produce for those who nymph the slower water, back eddies and tails of pools and those who like to streamer fish with a sink tip line. As air temperatures drop and the river is high, consider fishing Little Falls or other smaller streams until the Gunpowder drops to 300 cfs or below. Keep an eye on the Falls Road USGS gauge. Be safe!

Terrestrials and Full River Levels

The Gunpowder is running at 257 cfs and temperature is 64 degrees F.

On overcast days the Gunpowder is fishing well, on brighter days unless you’re fishing small nymphs close to the bottom, the fish haven’t got much reason to be looking up for anything. Terrestrials are the ticket early morning or evening. Dry droppers are always a good go-to when getting out for a few hours.

There’s no better place to be than beside a river as the fall colors begin to set in.

Good Water Levels and Feisty Trout on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is flowing at an ideal 158 cfs, is 60 degrees F and has a green tint to it.

With fall around the corner, the Gunpowder is settling to a more consistent level and the fishing has been productive. Terrestrials, particularly ant and cricket patterns have been accounting for plenty of fish. On bright days nymphing has been the go-to with caddis pupa and zebra midges droppers working well.

Since the high water this summer there is a slippery algae coating the rocks, especially from falls road upstream to the dam, cleats are highly recommended as the wading is much more difficult than usual.

Please note: The shop will be open normal hours Labor Day.

New Jams and Big Fish on the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder is at 233 cfs,  clear and 59 degrees.

Now the river has dropped to a much better level for both wading & fishing. The high flows during recent weeks have stirred up a lot of the riverbed. Whilst all the old log jams have washed out there are plenty of new ones that are holding fish. There have been a number of big fish between 14 – 24 inches reported for those throwing streamers. Caddis and hoppers have been also catching fish through the day. While the water is pushing consider booking a guide trip to tune up your streamer and nymphing techniques.


Gunpowder River Update

The Gunpowder River is still flowing at a dangerous level.

At 8 AM at Falls Road, the river was 6.8 FT, flowing at 1,650 Cfs and the water temperature was 72.14.
At 10 AM at Falls Rd the river was 6.32 FT, flowing 1,460 and the water temperature is 74.84 F

At 8 AM at Glencoe Road is 8.18 FT and flowing at 2,310 Cfs.
At 9:45 AM at Glencoe Road the river was 9.64 feet and 2,790 Cfs.

That said, NO ONE should be entertaining any thoughts of fishing, floating or tubing the Gunpowder River until this spillover event subsides.

Gunpowder River Flow Update

The Gunpowder River is still flowing at a dangerous level.

At Falls Road it is 4.52 FT, flowing at 814 Cfs and the water temperature is 73.58.

At Glencoe Road it is 5.22 FT and flowing at 1,320 Cfs.

That said, NO ONE should be entertaining any thoughts of fishing, floating or tubing the Gunpowder River until this spillover event subsides.