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Hendricksons and Black Flies on the Gunpowder

Scott G2 Dry Fly Fishing with a Hendrickson and Red Quill Pattern
The Gunpowder is clear, flowing at 127CFS and is 50.5 F. Thanks to Mike Colegrove for the Hendrickson pics and to Gene for the great stream report. Still knocking the dust off your gear? Please visit with him in the shop on Monday, Thursday and Saturdays to get the latest on River conditions. Red quills, emergers and tiny midge patterns have been the ticket-be sure to bring along some 6 and 7x.

This April, variable weather conditions is resulting in equally variable flow levels on the Gunpowder, it’s always useful to check the water gage link during this time of year before heading out. Streamers are taking lots of fish at the moment, olive wooly buggers for crayfish and sculpins along white zonkers for the baitfish, both being particularly effective as water levels drop after a spell of spring rain. Black ‘snow’ flies, hook size 20, are reliably peeling off the surface throughout the day. Keep an eye out for Hendricksons and March Browns, especially closer to the dam above Falls road where the large rocks on the streambed provide optimum habitat for the nymphs to thrive. As water temperatures steady at 50 degrees there should be greater abundances of Hendricksons and heavy spinner falls occurring throughout the next two weeks. All patterns readily available in our muffin tins will put you onto wild trout in the catch and release section. Recently stocked rainbows are moving up from the stocked water and settling into the lower stretch from Bluemount Rd. downstream.

Gene Howson

Easter Stream Report

IMG_20160325_175154The Gunpowder is flowing at 104 CFS and is 50 degrees F. Stoneflies are still buzzing around and the Hendricksons are just around the corner. Stop in and pick up some March Brown wets and some Picket Pins. Small stonefly nymphs in the #16 range have been tricking a few wild fish. With opening day on the lower river today we’ve had a number of folks stopping in to pick up large streamers for the bright, heavy rainbows between Glencoe and Sparks. We have a number of new items in this week from Scientific Anglers including the Sonar fly lines for Susquehanna Flats trophy Striper fishing and the new Grand Slam Saltwater lines for folks traveling South for Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit.Thanks to David for the great photo and stream report.

Here’s a nice brown I caught Friday afternoon. The stoneflies you have in the shop were working well on Big Falls, upstream of the bridge and around the first bend. Fish were hanging in the deeper pools and sipping the fly as it skated down.

Tight lines!
-David R.

Please note: We will be closed on Sunday March 27.

Stoneflies and Snow Flies along the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder River StoneflyThe Gunpowder River is flowing at 126 CFS and 47 F. Stoneflies in the #16-18 range between Masemore Rd and Big Falls Rd have accounted for a few fish on dries this week. If you’re up for a hike, the stretch upstream of Falls Rd is worth a shot with little black flies a.k.a. snow flies-especially in the flat water. Be sure to use 7x or 8x tippet when fishing these patterns as they start at a #20.

A Wet Snow and Great Trail Conditions along the Gunpowder

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 157 CFS and is 40.5 F. After talking people out of going fly fishing on the Gunpowder for the past three weeks, trail conditions are improving dramatically with very little ice remaining except on the slopes in the Falls Rd section. A light dusting of snow last night brightened up the river birch and sycamores along the Gunpowder. If you’re after larger fish, stop in for a sink-tip and a dumbbell-eyed streamer or two. Stoneflies are buzzing along the meadow banks from Masemore downstream through York Rd access but until the river water temperature stays in the mid 40’s it might be more productive to swing a small dark wet fly in a #16 along the banks. While most fly fisherman associate the “upper” with the gorge section upstream of Masemore closer to Prettyboy dam, we’ve had quite a few calls from anglers interested in what section of the Gunpowder is closed this month. To clarify, the “upper” Gunpowder as described in the regulations book is the five-fish a day section above Loch Raven from the Gas line below Corbett through Upper Glencoe, Lower Glencoe, Sparks and Phoenix Rd. Please note: This section will close on Sunday the 6th and will reopen at 5:30 AM on March 26th. Anyone fishing the catch and release section from Prettyboy Dam, Upper and lower Falls, Masemore , Bunkerhill, York, and upstream of Bluemount, in the artificials-only, or downstream of Bluemount, through, Monkton, Corbett to the gas line is open leaving over 11 miles of catch and release or wild trout water for anglers to explore 365 days a year-conditions permitting. We have 2016 fishing licenses, a stack of stocking schedules and reservoir permit applications on the front counter.

Streamers and Stone Flies on the Gunpowder

Thanks to Stefan for the Stream report and pics!

With air temps on the rise the water in the Gunpowder has finally touched the 40 degree mark. Looking at next weeks forecast water temps should climb to the mid forty’s in no time. The river is still flowing quite fast at 150 cfs. Wild ish will start to take little black stone flies off the surface in the slower areas and close to log jams as the river warms Steady subsurface action nymphing with black and red zebra midges and dead drifting streamers has been the ticket. If your planning on fishing the river in the next week or so be sure to stop in the shop and pick up some streamers and an assortment of stone fly patterns.


The Snow is Letting Go on the Gunpowder River

Falls Rd Bridge on the Gunpowder River Socked in

Snow still blankets ice over the rocky trails along the Gunpowder River after winter storm dropped 32″ of snow in the Hereford Zone during the last week of January. These shots looking upstream and downstream from the Falls Rd bridge were taken at a river height of 2.79 FT and 300 CFs the afternoon before the snow and ice let go. The next day the Gunpowder River bumped up to 4.97 FT and 900 Cfs in the upper catch and release area. Conditions on the trails are still icy, the river, at present is too high and dangerous to wade fish at 470 Cfs. Before heading out please check the stream gauge or call the the shop over the weekend for the latest updates on conditions. As long as nighttime temperatures stay cold and we don’t lose all the snow at once we’ll be fishing streamers if the river drops below 250 Cfs by late Sunday afternoon.

Please note: We just received a shipment of the new Patagonia Ultralightweight II Wading Boots–a sturdier update to our shop favorite. I’m certain that we’ll have time to fit you into some lucky shoes for the upcoming season and well be happy to put in some fresh studs while you wait!

Snowy Boulder Pools on the Gunpowder River

New Year’s Eve Fishing Report

Stream-Bred Gunpowder Brown Trout
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 139 Cfs and is 49 degrees F. Large prince nymphs and other stonefly patterns like Copper Johns are great to fish in higher flows. Try a small midge larva or midge pupa behind the heavier fly on 6x tippet. The wind has been a problem for those dead set on fishing dries. If you have a sink-tip or Clouser-style streamer you’ll stay warmer by limiting your wading by staying out of the water and taking advantage of the great trail network. As Josh reports below, streamers have been the ticket this week. Thanks for supporting our small shop this year-we’re looking forward to seeing more of you fly fishing the Gunpowder River and beyond in 2016!

Please Note: The shop will be closed New Year’s Day but if you’re fishing on the 1st and need a license please go to

Thanks to Josh Reider for the stream report and great photos.

This past week the fish have been much more active due to the spring like temperatures and rain. This time of the year we are often left nymphing small midge patterns and constantly cleaning didymo off our flies. However, the past few days I have been fishing small streamers and successfully catching fish. Fishing your streamer slow along the edges seemed to be the most productive way to move fish. Get out this upcoming weekend to fool some Gunpowder brown trout.
-Josh Reider

Gunpowder Brown Trout

Rain and Warmer Water on the Gunpowder River

Gunpowder River at Bush Cabin Run

Rain on the Gunpowder River is welcome this time of year. The River is flowing at 64 Cfs is 50.5 F and is clear above most of the tributaries throughout the Hereford Area of Gunpowder State Park. Large stonefly nymphs followed by a zebra dropper have resulted in a few fish this week. Streamer fishing is still productive by late afternoon. This downed Sycamore has new suckers along the trunk and base that show it still has some life left. Woody debris left along banks provide greater habitat and protect the banks from erosion. Note the color change in the River as water slows down along the deadfall. Please limit your wading this time of year to protect spawning habitat for wild browns and native brookies!

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Downed Sycamore on the Gunpowder

Thanksgiving Stream Report

Gunpowder River BrownThe Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 52 CFs and is 51 F. The River is about 10 degrees warmer than it is on average this time of year so expect to find some fish ready to pounce on streamers over the holiday weekend. Start with a 9ft 5x leader and add a bit of 6x.Large stonefly nymphs followed by a zebra midge is a great way to cover pocket water. Light-Brite zonkers and sculpins should be drifted through the pools and soft-hackles have been working fine in the riffles. Remember that spending time with friends and family on the River can’t be beat! –Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Spring-Like Water Temperatures on the Gunpowder!

Wild Brown Trout in Little Falls
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 42 CFS and is 57F. Take advantage of spring-like water temperatures along the Gunpowder River. These temps are about ten degrees above normal for this time of year and are making the wild fish very active. Fish streamers now by hiking the trails quickly from York Rd to Falls Rd and focus on fishing the bend pools. Use the leaves as a guide to where the small Blue-Winged Olives, ants and midges will be in the flat water between the riffles. Now is the time to limit your wading so as not to disturb any redds.