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Thanksgiving Stream Report

Gunpowder River BrownThe Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 52 CFs and is 51 F. The River is about 10 degrees warmer than it is on average this time of year so expect to find some fish ready to pounce on streamers over the holiday weekend. Start with a 9ft 5x leader and add a bit of 6x.Large stonefly nymphs followed by a zebra midge is a great way to cover pocket water. Light-Brite zonkers and sculpins should be drifted through the pools and soft-hackles have been working fine in the riffles. Remember that spending time with friends and family on the River can’t be beat! –Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Spring-Like Water Temperatures on the Gunpowder!

Wild Brown Trout in Little Falls
The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 42 CFS and is 57F. Take advantage of spring-like water temperatures along the Gunpowder River. These temps are about ten degrees above normal for this time of year and are making the wild fish very active. Fish streamers now by hiking the trails quickly from York Rd to Falls Rd and focus on fishing the bend pools. Use the leaves as a guide to where the small Blue-Winged Olives, ants and midges will be in the flat water between the riffles. Now is the time to limit your wading so as not to disturb any redds.

Gunpowder River is Low, Clear and Cold

P1060145The Gunpowder River is flowing at 30 Cfs and is 48 degrees F. The river is low, cold and clear and is warming to 52 degrees by 3 o’clock. The lower River was recently stocked with 500 fresh rainbows at Upper and lower Glencoe Rds, Sparks Rd and Phoenix road. The river is beautiful this time of year but the fish don’t come easily. Zebra midges behind a large hopper or beetle are a good bet in the riffles. Streamers in the boulder pools are worth a try-Especially if you’re after a larger wild brown. The leaves are still hanging on even after our two heavy frosts. BWO’s will start up as we get into a little warmer weather. There is no shortage of midges out there but they are more fun to watch than tie on…

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Bright Leaves and Wild Trout

Gunpowder Brown
The Gunpowder is clear and is flowing at 92 CFs and is 52.7 F. Small caddis and soft chuckles are working fine along the river. Water temps are keeping fish active and the leaves have not been a problem yet. The River is clear and everyone is wholly distracted with football. Now could be a great time to try your luck with a wild fish or two and catch the leaves at their peak. Thnaks to Taylor for the stream report and photo.

Thank you for the update. It really helped and we caught some nice fish. Had a lot fish on caddis during mid-day/ early afternoon.


4th Quarter Fly Fishing

York Rd. Bridge
The Gunpowder River is flowing at 134 Cfs and is 55 F. Blue winged Olivesand just a few Tricos are part of the mix in the flat water. Long leaders in the 10 to 12 ft range ending in 7x will result in more takes. Try fishing the middle of the catch and release section for the most consistent hatches and easiest wading Streamer fishing through the log jams is always a good bet but is typically more productive on a dead drift in the boulder pools above Falls Rd. If you’re stuck on big dries from a recent rip out west, it’s not to late to use some western-style hopper patterns and stimulators-especially in the riffles.With water levels at least knee deep throughout the catch and release area and plenty of green leaves just turning gold and red, now is the time to get on the water and find a few wild fish.
York Rd. Downstream

Supermoon Stream Report

The Gunpowder River is flowing at 89 CFs and is 52.5 degrees F. Wild fish have moved into the riffles and are taking small caddis in the #16-18 range, BWO’s sized #18-22 and small weighted streamers. After lots of low water through August and September many lucky anglers arrived on the River this weekend to ideal flows for wading. With football in swing there was a little more room on the river to stretch a long line.

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Great Flows on the Gunpowder River

Al's Trico by Mike Bachkosky
The Gunpowder is flowing at 162 CFs and is 54 degrees. Streamers fished on a 5 foot sinking leader and a two to three feet of 4x are a great way to cover the boulder pools. Heavy riffles at Masemore through Bunkerhill are best fished with #16-18 bead head nymphs. With football in full swing and schools back in session the River is a lot quieter. Summer is fleeting, the River is dropping after 2 inches of rain locally and the Tricos should be coming off just around the next corner. Mike Bachkosky’s reverse-hackled Trico patterns are now available in a size #24-20.

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Low Flows and Big Fish on the Gunpowder River


Fishing on the Gunpowder the past week has been very difficult.  Long leaders ending in 6X and 7X are a must.  With the flows at only 32CFS at Falls Road you can expect most of the fish to be holding in deeper riffles and pools until the flows bump back up.  Fishing small nymphs under small terrestrials is still a great method.  Many have also had luck fishing unweighted traditional streamer patterns.  The fish above ate a small streamer in a deeper pool on the Gunpowder.  I caught it on a 10′ 5 weight Scott Radian.  It was a great fight, with one jump and a few runs that took me a hundred yards upstream then back downstream.  It is not to often that we see a fish this big, but they are in the Gunpowder.  Stop in the shop on your way to the river and pick up some flies and long leaders to fool the brown trout on the Gunpowder.

Dog Days of Summer and Cold Water on the Gunpowder


Fishing this week has been tough as the flows dropped down to 32 CFS at Falls Road.  Even with these low summer flows many have been able to find fish in stretches below Masemore Road where there are a few tributaries adding needed water to the river. Fishing a small ant or beetle along the banks is a great way to trick the weary Gunpowder fish into eating a dry.  Also, fishing a caddis in the deeper riffles could prove to be productive. Stop in the shop to pick up some long leaders ending in 6X or 7X. The fish above fell for a beetle fished below some overhanging branches and the fish below ate a nymph dropped off of a small beetle.


Mid-Summer on the Gunpowder River


With the Gunpowder River flowing at 60 CFS and water temperatures around 52°F.  Fishing caddis or a sulphur dun in the middle of the day through the evening is still a productive method.  Many have come into the shop having had success fishing small ant and beetle patterns.  Dropping small nymphs off of the terrestrials is a great method to fool the wild Gunpowder browns as well.  Thanks to Bill for the stream report:

We fished yesterday and were able to catch a sulphur hatch on the Little Gunpowder River. The fish went crazy, they were rising so much that you never knew where the next one would rise.  After the hatch, the fishing became slow until in the evening we landed a couple brown trout on an Elk Haired Caddis.  Thanks for your help with the fly selection, they worked!