Gunpowder Fly Fishing in August

Healthy Wild Brown Trout

The Gunpowder River is clear, flowing at 75 Cfs and is 54 f. The river has come up from 28 CFs (the lowest constant level this year) to a more moderate flow. The river is now full bank to bank and we’re no longer looking at seemingly endless gravel bars. Increased flows, even at this moderate level also keep the river cool throughout its 18 mile length until it joins Loch Raven. During extremely low flow periods, water temperatures typically swing upwards of 15 degrees between the upper River’s catch and release section at Falls Rd and the put and take stretch downstream at Phoenix Rd. We have not had many reports of surface activity but there are a few olives and caddis coming off sporadically. The tricos are late this year but will doing their dreaded thing shortly. A better bet is to find meadow stretches and fish blindly to the banks with terrestrial patterns like ants, beetles and hoppers. Nymphing the riffles and pocket water with tiny bead heads and midge emergers has been productive especially when high sticking with a very short line.

Thanks to Jeff for the following stream report and kind words from July 22:

Nice new digs. Thanks for the fly recommendations. That bead-head nymph took 3 before becoming a victim of overhanging flora. A nice brown among them I might add. A couple more to follow.
Not another fisherman all afternoon at Big Falls up. 54 degree water temp. You were right – they sure are spooky. Kayakers and tubers still giving it a go despite portages.With low water was wishing I’d brought a trash bag. As a thought You might consider passing them out judiciously at the shop. Not too bad but every litter bit hurts. An abandoned inflatable raft was one of the unsightly items observed. Water bottles, beer cans etc. too (unfortunately the norm it seems). Found myself with only half a rod as was walking out but backtracked and did find it in the grass.Whew! A few anxious moments there. Anyway, hope todays class went well and things work out at the new place. Will be in touch.


P.S. Those new boots are great -like ’em and had no issues at all up at Penns last month. A Good trip by the way.